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Issue 5: Summer 2012

Upside Down

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We figured this theme would not only provide a variety of interpretation possibilities, but maybe also make people write in a slightly different way to how they normally would. Whether or not they did, I don’t know, but we’ve been given a wonderful selection of writing, which has inspired our illustrators to produce some really beautiful artwork, hopefully having thought about their processes in a new way too. Who knows?

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About Ferment

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Ferment is a quarterly non-profit zine combining original creative writing with complementary illustrations.

We invite writers and illustrators whose work we admire to make contributions on a theme that is chosen for each issue.

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Issue 4: Winter 2011—2012


Page 1 of issue 4

Our fourth issue sees an all-poetry selection of written pieces. Everything from octopuses driving around Cambridge to Tesco buying the British Isles, it has a particularly whimsical tone. The front cover features an awesomely detailed fantasy city built just for us by the obsessive architect turned illustrator Mister Mourao.

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Issue 3: Summer 2011


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As with issue 2, we wanted a broad theme that gave a wide scope for interpretation, so we decided on 'Food'.

Come on, who doesn’t like food? I love it! I recently won a poker game and you know what the first thing I bought with my winnings was? A big steak. I cooked it nice and rare and had it with sweet potato mash, mushrooms and peas. It was absolutely orgasmically good.

Fuck, that has just made me really hungry.

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Issue 2: Spring 2011

A Single Letter

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Woohoo! We made a second issue!

We were worried about suffering from "difficult second album" syndrome but we seem to have had the opposite with what we feel is a really strong collection.

'A Single Letter' as a theme was low down on our list of ideas, but in the end realised it was the one that was most open to interpretation, and it shows in the variety of responses we had to it.

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Issue 1: Winter 2010—2011


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Welcome to the first issue of Ferment, a non-profit zine where the content is focused around exciting and original fiction, poetry and artwork.

For each issue we choose a theme to inspire writers. The theme of this issue is 'Naked.'

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